Project P.I.O.N.E.E.R.

Welcome to the Planetary Initiative Organization Nexus/ Engineered Economical Rocket, or Project P.I.O.N.E.E.R. I took a bit of inspiration from the Star Carrier book series by Ian Douglas to make a spaceship themed central hub; utilizing the mushroom cap design used for near light speed travel radiation shielding for the bulk of the factory.

The whole base is more than just a storage hub. There is a hypertube system and bridge that can quickly move a pioneer from the grassy canyon to the upper plateau. There are also 4 P.P.C's (Pioneer Projectile Cannons) utilizing B.E.L.T. loading (Biological Equipment Loading Transjector) capable of sending pioneer nearly anywhere on the map with jet pack/parachute creativity. There is also a prototyping holodeck off of the armory

There is also a full manufacturing setup for processing biomass, slugs, packaged fuel, and ammo/nobelisk production. Production utilizes parts from storage, along with piping in the needed oil and water. You will need to create drone ports to fly in 4 resources:

Coal 120 PPM Sulfur 120 PPM Bauxite: 120 PPM Uranium: 20 PPM

But the best part is the Rapid Part Delivery System. I have a drone port mapped to every part type along with 2 additional drones for use as ammo and supply drops. These drone ports are also connected to the sorting bus; so you can have the drones bring back unneeded parts, wood, leaves, ect. for storage and processing. It takes around 2 minutes at most for any parts to deliver by drone once you have it mapped to a field drone port.

---I've received a few complaints about the storage not showing any parts, which is true only when you first start loading parts. When parts are filtered, they go through a priority load order. First priority (where applicable) is to load the production machines for ammo production, second would be to fill up the drones and drone ports, then they will start filling up the storage bins. Please keep this in mind that it will take time for parts to show in the storage bins, but they will likely show up for drone delivery almost right away.

***For obvious reasons, do not feed WIP items into the sorting bus, the entire thing will end up jamming. I do have filters set up just before the sinks on the sorting line to pull unsinkable items into a storage container, as long as the items can be selected in programmable splitters

Please drop me a line at Yokmosho on Discord with any comments or bugs/issues found

Updates/fixes: 12-3: connection issue before final sinks fixed 12-8: sped up uranium belt to nuke nobelisk production so uranium doesn't back up in the drone port storage and lead to massive amounts of radiation in the base. Also rebuilt the hypertubbe entrance and landing zone at the bottom of the rocket to prevent the "relativistic death cannon" when using the hypertube from the top. 12-11: reversed fill order on packagers to prevent water overflow from taking all containers and stalling. Also replaced a missing merger near the end of the main feed bus that led to an eventual overflow

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