JAWS Item Delivery Service

note that this works on U8 Early Access Vanilla! no mods needed! Except you will need an estimated 210 inventory slots to carry the items needed to build the blueprint. Unless you expand your inventory space past the vanilla size, the easiest way to get this built is by using Advanced Game Setting "No Cost" option. Alternatively, the Megaprint version can be built from Storage Containers that you have supplied with the resources needed, circumventing the limited inventory space. If you would like a 100% fair experience I recommend loading up containers with the required materials, and importing the megaprint through SCIM!

What is J.A.W.S.?

Just Another Warehouse Solution. It's an attempt at solving (virtually eliminate, really) the incessant "trips back to base" to get building materials. It has a capacity of one Industrial Storage Container (48 stack slots) for each of the 54 items used by the Build Gun (except Screws!). You can remotely request an item delivery (of one or more items) to build projects both big and small. It also has a container dedicated to storing a set of equipment ready to ship, in case you ever need it.

It is intended to be used after a Pioneer has reached "endgame" (Tier 7/8, Phase 4), although it can be used as a "starter base" on a clean save or incorporated into your existing world just for the Item Delivery service. It can be placed virtually anywhere in the map, you are just recommended to place it on a 25x30 foundation (200x240m) platform elevated above any terrain/flora obstacles and nearby an Iron Node, that feeds the Conveyor Switch modules which will consume Iron Ore (at a rate of 30/m and process it into Iron Ingots only when item switches are activated). You will still be able to use 100% of the Iron Ore (if you are using it for Iron Ingots), and will have full throughput of a 780/m belt Iron Ore pass-through when switches are not on.

In addition to all the Item Delivery functions (item sorting, unloading, storage, etc), there is also a dedicated space for the HUB, hidden Radar Tower, Power Slug, Leaves, Wood and Creature Remains sorting and processing Modules, two Equipment Workshops, four Crafting Benches, a M.A.M., an AWESOME Shop terminal, and an AWESOME Sink with a disposal Container.

Build notes:

Initial Setup:

NOTE: Most of the build-ables were created with Color Swatch 8, if you would like to quickly switch the color scheme for your JAWS installation, just change the colors on Swatch 8!

  • Install HUB in open space on front end of structure with Drop Pod on the outer edge of platform (optional, see last carousel image)
  • Connect Power to the structure by rail or by finding one of the recessed Power Poles around the structure. (do not connect to the Smelters!) Max consumption for whole structure is 778MW, but actual consumption should never go over 200MW(+Trains) if you are only turning on switches one at a time. On idle, the structure will consume 59.9MW, and will increase when overflow sink (30MW each) and/or Conveyor Switches (4MW each) are activated. Idle consumption can be reduced to 4.9MW by disconnecting/deleting Radar Tower(30MW), and deleting Train (25MW).
  • Connect a belt carrying Iron Ore from a Miner to the labeled (Iron Ore Input) Conveyor Lift that is recessed on one of the pillars. Any amount is adequate but the more Iron Ore per minute made available, the more switches you can have on at once indefinitely and the faster all 4 flow rate buffer containers will fill.
  • Above the pillar, you will see a red belt connected to the Iron Ore Input Container. This will return any overflow Iron Ore from Conveyor Switches back into container. Once you see Ore flowing through the red belt, all Conveyor Belt Switch modules are preloaded and "closed", ready to be loaded with items.
  • Wait until Iron Ore is flowing through red belt before delivering items to storage. (NOTE: megaprint comes preloaded with Iron Ore, so no wait time needed before loading up storage!)
  • If you would like to use the Iron Ore/Ingots elsewhere, you will find two outputs on the platform for Pass-Through Iron Ore and Ingots. If Conveyor Switches are off, all Iron Ore coming in will fill buffers and overflow through this output. If Switches are on, they will produce Iron Ingots which will come out this output, if nothing is connected they will back up an overflow into Awesome Sink for disposal.
  • Once you have Drones and Batteries unlocked, connect Battery supply with conveyor lift and belt (see 3rd image) to automate battery delivery for Drone port.

Supplying Jaws Storage with items:

The Storage System can be supplied by Trucks and/or Trains (plus manually by a Pioneer or by Drones). Any items that do not have a dedicated storage container in the system will be placed in the containers labeled "Undefined", clear these containers of items before they overflow, but ideally: don't ship in items that do not belong here.


  • Two Truck Stations are ready to unload items and feed them into sorter system module. Creating truck routes from JAWS truck stations to your supplying factory truck stations is the quickest way to get this system up and running (aside from manually carrying items to the Drop Off containers). With the current design, it will bottleneck at 1560/m for both stations, but has ample amount of buffer space to handle large quantities of items being unloaded in "bursts", (as in having multiple vehicles queue and unload at the same time and/or consecutively). (NOTE: megaprint comes with 8 Trucks fueled with Batteries, if you are supplying a different kind fuel for them, consider replacing batteries in trucks as well to prevent a stranded Truck.)
  • For Truck Station fuel delivery, you can manually deposit fuel in the container labeled "Truck Station Fuel". This container may also be optionally connected to one of the different fuel containers from storage, to automate fuel delivery. Select which one to use by connecting a conveyor belt to the existing conveyor lift, and connect the Conveyor Lift Floor Hole to the Container itself (img3) . Note that if you want to fuel trucks with batteries, you will have to change smart splitter settings (smart splitter is sending batteries to drones, if their delivery is automated).


  • One Train Station with 4 Freight Platforms is ready to unload trains delivering items for storage. Each of the four platforms is connected directly to the ItemSorter module above it, in descending numeration from lead engine (engine-4-3-2-1, Portable Miners go in closest car to engine, Concrete goes in furthest car from engine). You can still deliver items to storage in any car thanks to the sorting system, but if the items are arranged in the cars that correspond with the module the item belongs in, you will achieve max throughput for each car (4x780/m = 3120/m total throughput. simultaneously.) If items arrive to station in "wrong" car, the total throughput of system may drop as low as 1560/m. Trains are set up to have the highest throughput for delivering items into the storage system, at the cost of requiring rails to function.


  • One Drone Port is doing double duty as the Delivery Port and Receiving Port. Because of the nature of Drones, I did not prioritize high throughput for the Drone Port inputing items into storage, expecting it to mostly be used to return excess items from a Delivery Request, or for very low volume items. It will bottleneck at 780/m (Single input/output belts at Drone Port) and will merge into the Train sorting circuit.


  • There are two Industrial Storage Containers labeled "Item Drop-Off" for Pioneers wanting to offload excess items in their inventory. The bottom container is also the buffer container for the Drone Port returning items into storage. Max throughput from container to storage is 1560/m.
  • NOTE: Power Slugs placed in Drop-Off container(s) will be processed into Power Shards and those will pass by the Mk1 belt to the right of the Containers on their way to their storage container. Leaves, Wood, and Creature Remains will be sorted and processed into their final products as well (Solid Biofuel will go into storage, and Alien DNA Capsules will go straight into Sink for points)

Item Supply notes:

  • Each storage module has a dedicated Awesome Sink within it to handle excess items. Each Sink will service 15 items, with an Industrial Storage Container(3 per module) buffering each 5-item floor overflow. These 3 ISCs per module will then merge into a standard Storage Container right before Awesome Sink (this serves as a "P-trap" to help prevent sinking valuable items you might want to keep)
  • Each Sink within storage modules has a dedicated Power Switch, off by default.
  • Be sure to turn on power switch for Sinks if you expect to overfill storage, so as to prevent any back-ups in the system!


For Drone Delivery:

With this system, you can remotely request items to be delivered to you no matter where in the world you are! To start using it, just deliver Batteries to storage by Truck, Train or Pioneer.

  1. Build a Drone Delivery Service Port module (link at bottom) anywhere in your world.
  2. Interact with Priority Power Switch to select Drone Delivery by toggling the "Delivery Select:" PPSwitch (at the bottom of the Undefined column in the "Circuit Breaker Priority" tab).
  3. In that same section, select which items to load the JAWS Drone Port with by toggling the switches in the list. Each switch will load ~100-200 items on the first quick (~4 second) on/off toggle and takes about 30 seconds to finish loading. Leaving a Switch ON will load port(s) at a rate of 750-780/m (plus the 100-200 you get from the first 4 seconds). note that load rate will bottleneck to 780/m at Drone Port input.
  4. Once you determine you have enough items loaded, interact with Delivery Service Drone Port to set destination on the Drone Port at the JAWS base to the drone port you are at.

note: If you foresee needing to return unused items from a Delivery Request back into JAWS storage, drone will have to make two trips: one to deliver your items, then back to base empty, then back to your location empty again (during this trip, either load up the drone port outgoing slots with items to be returned to storage, or turn off power to drone port)where it will pick up unused items, and finally a return trip back to JAWS base. Turning off the power on your location's drone port will cause drone to complete travel to your location but only hover over port until power is back on, giving you ample time to load up any items into drone port to return them to base. Alternatively, you can also just Sink the excess items at your new factory!

For Train Delivery:

With this method you can achieve high throughput for the items you want to request provided the infrastructure exists:

  1. Build a dual rail line to your desired delivery location, and a 1-engine, 4-car Train Terminal (make sure to set freight platforms to "unload"). If needing large quantities of multiple items, it is recommended to also build the ItemSorter module(s) that corresponds to the items being requested and connecting it to train platform outputs. They can then be left at new location as micro-modular storage. (link at bottom of page)
  2. Build a Priority Power Switch and interact with it to ensure toggle for "Delivery Select:" is set to Train Delivery. (at bottom of Undefined column, on Circuit Breaker Priority tab, it should be OFF)
  3. In that same section, select which items to load the JAWS Sending Train Station with by toggling the switches in the list. Each switch will load ~100-200 items on first quick (~4 second) on/off toggle and take about 30 seconds to finish loading, Leaving Switch on will load port (s) at a rate of 750-780/m (plus the 100-200 you get from the first 4 seconds). note that load rate will bottleneck to 1560/m at Train Station Loading Balancer. (Train Loading manifold upgrade coming soon™)
  4. Interact with your location's station to set the schedule for the JAWS Delivery Train. If needing large quantities, allow the train to complete multiple circuits.

note: If you foresee needing to return unused items back into JAWS storage, have JAWS Delivery Train make a stop at the JAWS Receiving Station before parking it at JAWS Sending Station to leave it ready for next use.

For Pioneer Item Request at JAWS HUB:

  1. Deconstruct the Conveyor Lifts (blue, on the right hand side of container) connecting the container labeled "Requested Items Buffer Container" to Train Stations (going below)
  2. Interact with Priority Power Switch on left side of container and use the "Circuit Breaker Priority" tab to select "Train Delivery" and which items to load into container for pickup. Each switch will load ~100-200 items on first quick (~4 second) on/off toggle and take about 30 seconds to finish loading, Leaving Switch on will load port (s) at a rate of 750-780/m (plus the 100-200 you get from the first 4 seconds). note that load rate will bottleneck to 1560/m at container.
  3. If you need to store items manually in the JAWS Storage, use the container(s) labeled "Item Drop Off". All items that have a slot in the Storage Modules will automatically find their way to the right container, and any Items that do not have a slot will end up in the container to the right (labeled "Undefined Items")
  4. Don't forget to rebuild Conveyor Lifts to Train Station to leave system ready for next use!

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Changelog & Verion History


  • Release


  • Added Truck Road pavement
  • Added vehicles
  • Fixed wrong splitter on Train Delivery Station loading manifold
  • Updaded documentation


  • Added Wood/Leaves and Creature Remains processing modules
  • Added Sink Container filter (non-sinkable items will go to "Undefined" container)
  • Updated main sorting system (higher throughput)
  • Fixed misplaced signs and handrails/catwalks

huge thanks to Kinstruction for introducing me to the conveyor interrupter switch concept, without them this wouldn't have been possible! Go watch his video on the Remote Switch blueprint and give him a little click on the thumbs up! https://www.youtube.com/@Kinstruction

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