Nuclear Swamp Stinger Production Facilities (part 2 of the Swamp stinger nuclear power plant megaprint)

update history 1-3-24: Fixed a user reported stall in a construction area. For some strange reason (and one no testing on my end could replicate), a smart and programmable splitter would randomly stop funtioning after a period of time and eventually choked all production. These splitters have been replaced to hopefully stop this bug from happening.

This is the non-radioactive part production companion megaprint to the Nuclear Swamp Stinger power plant unlike the power plant megaprint, this is designed to mesh and connecting to the powerplant megaprint to deliver all parts needed to go along with producing Uranium fuel rods and recycle nuclear waste. Also contained in this megaprint is a swamp spanning rail and vehicle bridge that is also part factory. When placing both megaprints into the interactive map, I've had the best luck placing the powerplant megaprint first, then the production megaprint.

The idea behind this megaprint was to use as few resources as possible and mainly use nodes only in the swamp; so heavy use of water based alt recipes were used. To start up the reactor section and all production facilities, there are 2 cables and 3 mk. 5 belts that need to be connected. To access the connection room: Travel down the bridge to the central pillar and enter the nuclear facility access door (parking available). Traverse down the stairs and enter the door to the right labeled "To connection room and Site 2." At the end of the hall is the connection access room. Connect a cable from the "Battery tap for jumpstart" to power taps 1 and 2 to power up the factory and the facilities for the Nuclear power plant. You will need to match the belts between the clearly labeled wall connections: sulfur to sulfur, silica to silica, and multipart feed to multipart feed. The battery stack provided enough power to power all facilities until the reactors provide more power than is used. There will be about 900 MW left on the batteries going by tests ran, so there is a little wiggle room for use of hover packs.

The entire factory starts 100% empty and will slowly come up to fully online. During this time, there will be periodic production backups; these are expected and will resolve themselves with time Timeline once powered on:

29 minutes to first powerplant fireup 45 minutes to more power being produced than used 1 hour= powerplant is near 70,000 MW output (safe to start connecting other factories at this point 2 hours = 167,000 MW output 3 hours = 217,000 MW 4 Hours= 250,000 MW ( all production centers should be at max or near max at this point)

I've ran the factory through tests for update 8 experimental. There was a weird glitch where a pipe for water was present when highlighted to delete, but was otherwise invisible and was not passing water. This bug was resolved by replacing the pipe and all tests since then have ran with no issue. Update 8 is not required to make the entire site run, but there is a lot of parts built around using Lumen for lighting, The interior of the factory is not as polished as I would like and is heavily devoid of lighting in many areas, but I was up against the megaprint upload size limit.

I'm on discord at Yokmosho and would would welcome any comments/bug reports.

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