Nuclear swamp stinger power station reactor component.  250,000 MW  (part 1 of 2)

---Update note Recent update on 10-2 to move the nitric acid production to the new node location after a recent update move the nitrogen well located west of blue crater by about 100m

The first few survey missions Ficsit sent to Massage-2 (A-B)b noticed a strange power anomaly in the swamp. The first pioneer drop pod sent to the swamp lost it's video feed just after landing; the last image showed a massive uranium infused stinger capable of self nuclear reactions. Ficsit immediately dropped several more Pioneer teams to the swamp with the goal of capturing and harnessing this meta-stinger to power the upcoming space elevator project. Though all 96 pioneers died during there efforts, they managed to build an unrivaled power plant for the next pioneer's arrival.

This massive build project with a 100 reactor power plant is actually 1 piece of the entire nuclear power site. It has the reactors, entire water feed setup, sulfuric and nitric acid production, concrete production, drone relays for bringing in uranium, fuel rod manufacturers, and every part of chain for making uranium cells and recycling nuclear waste. There is actually a companion megaprint titled "Nuclear Swamp Stinger Production Facilities" that mostly merges with this reactor build. This companion megaprint handles building the non-radioactive components needed for fuel and recycling production, only needing a manual connection of 3 mk5 belts and 2 power cables to activate. It also contains a swamp spanning rail and vehicle bridge.

This power plant segment was designed to run stand alone for those that do not want to add the production factory segment, but needs the following:

15,0000 MW either from a power grid or from stored battery power to kick start all production or pumps before the reactors kick in. -Encased beams = 65 PPM -pressure cubes = 10PPM -electromagnetic control rods = 105 PPM -Silica = 670 PPM -aluminum casing = 180 PPM -batteries = 60 PPM All other resources already produce themselves. The belt connection points have images on signs showing what items need to connect to which belts. Also allow about 5 minutes from supplying outside power to connect needed parts to allow fluid and concrete buildup to start

This is a lot more of an exercise in balancing a massive production chain than beautiful builds, though it definitely has a creative layout and design I did have considerably more intricacy and build design (twisted pipes, more spread out production per pod, hypertube network from the control room to each pod), but the issue was that the blueprint was weighing in at 5.8 MB and had to undergo significant trimming to meet the upload limit. Original construction on the reactor site was done in update 5 before swamp layout changes. Most minor intrusions from the update 6 changes have been worked around, but there is a "perma-spore-tree" that is going through the central platform that couldn't be avoided or worked around. Be gentle in the ratings, there are a lot of "floating platforms and exposed belts in the structure along with some overclocked factory machines to reduce blueprint items; I had limited wiggle room to play with to meet the upload limit.

I can be reached at Yokmosho on Discord with any issues encountered, comments, ect.

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