Ever wish you could use the full potential of the Mk. 3 Miner? Ever run out of limited precious ore?

Well, fear no more, with the new Quad Cores Twelve Threads Processing Center, you will have enough ore to your hearts content. Each Processor is configured to produce the maximum capacity. No mods needed, plug and play.

  • NOTE:
    • The Mega Blueprint will be placed on all of the ore type
    • If you do not want one, I would suggest inserting the Mega Blueprint into a BLANK save to allow you the ability to pick and choose the station you want to keep
    • Every effort was used to maintain the building on the world grid with most having a Core facing N/S/E/W
    • In areas where the space was limited, the Processing Stations where rotated at a 45 degree angle that should align to the grid for the most part

Links to my 4C12T Ore Processing Stations:

Other Megaprints:

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