10-min Fused Modular Frame Factory v1.0

10/min Fused Modular Frame Factory v1.0

A self-sufficient 10 per-minute Fused Modular Frame Factory requiring no user resource input . It includes it's own 20GW self-sufficient fuel power plant (link below - thank you Katoo). The Factory is located at the three corners of the Rocky Desert, Desert Canyons and Northern Forest, with resource miners in the Rocky Desert, Desert Canyons, and Northern Forest. A Drone mining platform is located in the Red Jungle and self-powered by a Fuel power plant located on the Islands. Batteries for the Drones may be delivered to mining platform "C" for distribution (200 each platform are provided with Megaprint).

  • Factory Power and Lighting Controls, as well as Factory Access are located beneath the Factory nearest the Water Extractor cage.
  • The output for the FMF's is on the side next to the North Central Station of the GRN (if used) and has a platform feed pre-installed. It will need to be connected to the Freight Platforms.
  • There are 3 Drones that deliver the Bauxite from the Red Jungle to a single recessed Drone platform on the roof of the Factory. The launch timing of the Drones from the mining platforms should be approximately 1m 8s apart. The Drones seem to bug when copied while flying, so you will need to program and launch each one. Excess Bauxite delivered to the Factory is sent to a Sink.
  • Max Power Consumption is 7255 Mw for Factory.

This blueprint should come pre-loaded with resources. However, you should allow at least 20mins for all resources to be delivered and Blenders are up to speed for the 10/min output.

All Pipes are Mk2, and the resource Miners are Mk3 and provide the following approximate resources via Mk5 Belts and Lifts:

  • 611 Bauxite
  • 1060 Iron Ore
  • 1277 Coal
  • 800 Limestone
  • 320 Nitrogen Gas
  • 150 Crude Oil
  • 935 Water is provided by Water Extractors under Factory to all Refineries/Blenders that need it.

The Wastewater from the Scrap Aluminum Refineries is turned into Concrete. All production lines have a conveyor system in place to send overflow to 11 Sinks, including the Fused Modular Frames, to keep production flowing.


Multiple machines are Overclocked, and the following Alternate Recipes are used:

  • Sloppy Alumina
  • Pure Aluminum Ingot
  • Wet Concrete
  • Heat-Fused Frame
  • Heavy Encased Frame
  • Solid Steel Ingot
  • Steel Screw


The following Mods are used in the build and may be required for functionality, appearance and changes to the Megaprint:

  • Structural Solutions (25% of Megaprint architecture is built using this Mod - However, ALL machines, belts, lifts, etc. are Vanilla)
  • Micro Manager (used for placement of many items)
  • Multiple items from the Ficsit Awesome Shop are also used.

This MegaPrint is compatible with the Global Rail Network by Pravum L, both v2.9 and v3.x. (It does not require the GRN for any resources)

Link to GRN: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/megaprints/index/details/id/1260/name/Global+Railway+Network+3.4

Thank you to @Katoo for the excellent power plant Megaprint.

Link to 20GW: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/megaprints/index/details/id/1442/name/20GW+modular+self+sufficient+fuel+power+plant

Link to my other Megaprints: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/megaprints/index/index/idU/24878/user/Ogmosis


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