20GW modular self sufficient fuel power plant

20GW modular self sufficient fuel power plant

Input: NONE
Output: 19,800 MW

No mods required.

Selfsufficient means, there is no input required. On the top there is an Oil Extractor attached to the Oil Node marked on 4th image in the Northern Forest Lake.
Modular means, you can build it anywhere and you can build them as much as you wish. Tested with 26 towers spread across global rail network and connected to stations. As you can see on third image, output is half of terra watt. I did not tested more, be first to build 51 towers and reach 1 terra watt power production.

It is designed to be placed anywhere on the map. Doesn't matter where you build the tower, it will always use the same Oil node. As easy, as it can be. Just build one tower, connect it to your power network and enjoy 20 GW. Once your power demand raised, just build another tower anywhere on map, connect it to your power network and enjoy 40 GW. And again and again... I dont recommend to build more than 5 towers close each to others to prevent FPS drop down.

Possible cases:

  1. You are already using this Node; (an extractor is already there) - No issue, you can import the tower megaprint and your extractor(s) will continue to works normally.
  2. There is no extractor on this Node, but you plan to use it in the future - there is a simple solution. First, build an extractor on the Node, then save the game. Load your Save to SCIM and import tower megaprint. The Extractor you just built will still be there, ready to use at any time. Later on, when you decide to use the Node and want to change the direction of the Extractor for example, you can delete the Extractor and build it again. Just be careful not to delete the Extractor and save the game without rebuilding it. Once you save the game without an extractor placed on this Node, you will not be able to build another Extractor; the Node will not be available. If this happens, see the next case.
  3. You've imported tower megaprint, there was no Extractor on the Node and then you decide to use it. There is still a solution. Load a clean Save into the game without tower megaprint, build an Extractor on the target Node and save the game. Then load the Save into SCIM and make a MegaPrint of the Extractor you just built. Then load your save with tower megaprint (where the Node is not available anymore) and import the new MegaPrint created of the Extractor. When you open the downloaded Save, tower power plant will keep working and you will have the Extractor working on the Node.

Don't be lazy and rate my megaprint by clicking on stars! Other players also want to know, if this is usable, or trash. Thanks.

All my blueprints https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/blueprints/index/index/idU/30791/user/Katoo
All my megaprints https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/megaprints/index/index/idU/30791/user/Katoo

  • Items count 1,864
  • Coordinates -196,400 / 145,800
  • Only paste on original location No
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  • Author Katoo
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  • Created on Apr 22, 2023, 7:46:32 PM