Ultra Compact 85GW Self-Sufficient Turbofuel Power Plant v2.1

This is Katoo's Ultra Compact 85GW Turbofuel Power Plant, relocated and updated. There are no more Rail delivery systems and no additional input is required. It is relocated to Lake Forest in the Northern Forest, so if you wish to use his Clean selfsufficient 120GW nuclear power plant located on Blue Crater, you can now use both.

No Mods Required

The input resources come from one node each with multiple miners and extractors. The Turbofuel Power Plant is self sufficient; everything is belted and piped in underground. Above ground, everything remains the same, however, there are some minor updates to signs and small cosmetic updates. Everything below ground has been completely rebuilt to support the new resource delivery system. The Oil has Flow Compensators to keep Oil supply regulated.

This Megaprint has been tested and approved by Katoo and is uploaded with his permission.

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Also see his new 240GW self sufficient fuel power plant: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/megaprints/index/details/id/1427/name/240GW+self+sufficient+fuel+power+plant

Placing the 240GW together with this Megaprint levergaes the neighboring Oil node for a total 325GW of power. And they look very cool too! https://i.imgur.com/70RcBlE.png

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