Westshore Oil and Aluminum

Produces petroleum products (fuel, plastic, rubber, fabric) and aluminum at the west oil fields. This design uses all the oil nodes (2 pure, 2 normal) in the area; three bauxite nodes (2 pure, 1 normal) on the cliff; the two pure quartz nodes and pure stone node in the cave east connected by rail; and three normal stone nodes just north (closet 3, note that 2 of these nodes have aboveground deposits in a virgin map).

Although the overall blueprint must be placed at the west oil fields, each individual platform rig can be copied elsewhere with some modification.

Petroleum Platform

This is similar to my southeast blueprint. The 2 pure oil nodes feed 8 refineries producing polymer resin, which feed 16 refineries producing either plastic, rubber or fabric. The 2 normal oil nodes feed 8 refineries producing heavy crude, with the residue polymer resin feeding a further 8 refineries producing either plastic, rubber or fabric, with overflow sinked.

Heavy crude from the 16 refineries feed 5 fuel refineries for both packaged fuel and to feed 3 generators, with excess heavy crude sent to the aluminum platform.

Aluminum Platform

Excess heavy crude is fed into 4 refineries to produce petroleum coke, with overflow sinked. Bauxite is fed into 6 refineries producing alumina solution and silica, which is fed into 8 refineries (together with petroleum coke) producing aluminum scrap and excess water. Quartz and limestone is fed into 2 groups of 16 assemblers producing cheap silica, with overflow quartz fed into 10 constructors producing silica.

All of that aluminum scrap and silica produces aluminum ingots by being fed into:

  • two groups of 6 foundries; and
  • two groups of 4 foundries and 2 smelters;

Excess water from the aluminum scrap refineries is forced back into the water input via pump.

The Math

  • Bauxite 120pm x 6 (720pm) becomes alumina solution 120pm x 6 (720pm) and silica 50pm x 6 (300pm).
  • Alumina solution 180pm x 8 (1440pm) and petroleum coke 60pm x 8 (480pm) become aluminum scrap 300pm x 8 (2400pm) and water 105pm x 8 (840pm)
  • Aluminum scrap is divided into 4 groups of max 600pm, fed into 2 groups of 6 foundries 90pm x 6 (540pm); and 2 groups of 4 foundries 90pm x 4 and 2 smelters 60pm x 2 (360pm + 120pm)
  • Quartz and limestone is fed into 2 groups of 16 assemblers 11.25pm x 16 (180pm) and 18.75pm x 16 (300pm) becomes 2 groups of cheap silica 26.25pm x 16 (420pm)
  • Overflow quartz is fed into 10 constructors 22.5pm x 8 (180pm)
  • Each cheap silica group 420pm feeds a group of 6 foundries 75pm x 6 (450pm)
  • Pure silica from the constructors feed 4 foundries 75pm x 4 (300pm)
  • Overflow silica from the refineries feed 4 foundries 75pm x 4 (300pm)
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