Assemblers Tilable x 3 - Reversible

Tilable assemblers for Mk 5 belt manifold. Minimal clipping. No mods.


  1. Inspect in the Blueprint Designer and adjust the belt speeds for the part you are fabricating. The default blueprint uses Mk 5 for the manifold and a Mk 1 for assembler inputs and outputs.

  2. Place blueprint Assembler Inputs x 3. This is effectively the front left blueprint.

  3. Place blueprint Assembler Reversible x 3 (optional)

  4. Repeat step 3 for as many assemblers as needed for the part. (optional) You can copy them in rows and ALSO place a column on the opposite side.

  5. Connect belts and power along each row.

  6. On the last row, loop the 3 belts (2 inputs and 1 output) around to the opposite blueprint side. [See screenshot]

  7. Hide the belt layer at the end by extending foundations and walls.

Other tips

  • Placing slightly more or less than you need and under or overclocking a few machines tends to be easier than trying to delete machines or create individual rows.
  • Use roof for easier alignment of the blueprints. The first blueprint can be tricky and you may prefect to stack foundations up to roof level to provide a place to align with.
  • Roof is also great as a platform for additional parts.
  • Signs are available to track input & output quantities.
  • Load in blueprint designer and delete anything you don't want. If you don't care about lights or signs, you can save yourself carrying the resources.
  • Power sign is optionally for identifying the "circuit breaker" of your factory.

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