Additional research shows promise that samples might be used to produce tools to increase the safety of the pioneer.
The new metal, dubbed Caterium, does indeed appear to have properties similar to gold. Its characteristics as a superconductive metal imply multiple uses for producing advanced electronics.
This mineral shows purity levels akin to synthetic Quartz manufactured on Earth. Thus R&D believes it may be used in similar fashion to produce communication and exploration technologies.
The Mycelia found in fungus-like specimens on the planet Massage-2(AB)b was shown to have properties which might increase pioneer survival rates.
Additional scans of the provided DNA sample have shown three separate specimen in the direct environment to have high nutritional, and potentially medical, properties.
Data has shown this 'element' to simply be an unusual mixture of primarily sulfide and sulfate minerals from which Sulfur might be extracted. The properties of Sulfur would allow for the production of more... volatile self-defense applications.
This species of semi-slug seems to emit a weak potential energy from its crystalline shell which R&D thinks might be extracted to improve the efficiency of your work on Project Assembly.