• [TODO] Add train timetable
  • [TODO] Add resource sink points
  • [TODO] Prevent spawning of objects outside map boundaries
  • [DATA] Prepared EA release
  • [MAP] Updated game layer with some water volumes
  • [MAP] Raised layer icon size
  • [MAP] Removed LOD layer (Not updated)
  • [MAP] Removed Artistic layer (Not updated)
  • [MAP] Updated realistic layer with Cale extration :)
  • [MAP] Make droppped items copyable
  • [MAP] Added better mod support
  • [MAP] Fixed buildings using mod recipes not being shown
  • [MAP] Added support for Int8Property
  • [MAP] Added Convert "Glass Foundation 8m x 1m" to "Foundation 8m x 1m" on selection
  • [MAP] Removed extractors restriction on copy
  • [MAP] Added dynamic loader to Pasting Blueprint spawner
  • [MAP] Reduced pasting time for blueprints
  • [MAP] Fixed InfiniteLogistics loading for Pipeline and HyperTube
  • [MAP] Added dynamic loader to Circle spawner
  • [MAP] Added dynamic loader to Rectangle spawner
  • [MAP] Added dynamic loader to Polygon spawner
  • [MAP] Tweaked rendering objects
  • [MAP] Added stop on saving when cancelled
  • [MAP] Added support for StrProperty value type in MapProperty
  • [MAP] Added loading progress bar
  • [MAP] Tweaked promises timeout to ease loading
  • [MAP] Fixed dropped tool preventing map from loading
  • [MAP] Improved save file laoding/saving to avoid browser hanging too much...
  • [MAP] Migrated resource deposits and dropped items into save loader to keep real save state
  • [PLANNER] Added search field to alternate recipe select
  • [PLANNER] Only show purchased alternate schematics according to last loaded save in interactive map
  • [MAP] Fixed copying wires was broken again ;)
  • [MAP] Added arc angle options to circles
  • [MAP] Fixed some images not hitting static subdomain
  • [MAP] Added dropped items to the map
  • [SAVE PARSER] Reduce index usage
  • [SAVE PARSER] Implemented UInt32Property support
  • [MAP] Added spawning helper foundation on selection
  • [MAP] Added option to edit arm equipment slots size
  • [MAP] Added option to edit inventory slots size
  • [MAP] Fixed mAdjustedSizeDiff is removed from Experimental Branch
  • [MAP] Fixed mCircuitID is removed from Experimental Branch
  • [MAP] Added colored foundation corners as helper when pasting blueprints
  • [MAP] Fixed mNbWiresConnected is removed from Experimental Branch
  • [MAP] Added new research modal
  • [MAP] Added Schematics under research modal
  • [MAP] Added MAM under research modal
  • [MAP] Added Awesome Sink under research modal
  • [MAP] Added "Update building recipe" on production buildings
  • [GENERAL] Added Resources Sink Points data
  • [MAP] Fixed "Fluid Freight Platform" misaligned
  • [MAP] Raised max circle radius from 64 to 256
  • [MAP] Fixed generated power total
  • [MAP] Added building count into power statistics
  • [MAP] Added center offset option on pasting selection
  • [PLANNER] Fixed CORS policy for new static images
  • [MAP] Fixed grey grid appearing on the the map background! Finally :D
  • [MAP] Moved map backgrounds to CloudFlare to enable faster loading time
  • [MAP] Fixed some objects rotation (Need testing)
  • [MAP] Added first draft for building list
  • [MAP] Implemented Rectangle/Circle selection tool
  • [MAP] Fixed new color slot could be empty and crash the game!
  • [MAP] Fixed "Up Corner 8m x 4m Inverted" model rotation
  • [MAP] Fixed Alternate Recipes order
  • [MAP] Fixed Alternate Recipes updates
  • [PLANNER] Fixed "Liquid Water" produced by "Alternate: Electrode - Aluminum Scrap" when selected
  • [MAP] First fix to color slot new format (WIP)
  • [MAP] Fixed ColorSlot Linear not properly read and write
  • [MAP] Added update "Space Elevator" position
  • [GENERAL] Fixed "Circuit Board" icon
  • [MAP] Release WIP for pipe text generator
  • [PLANNER] Fix liquid conversion in items list
  • [PLANNER] Ceil required power usage
  • [PLANNER] Calculate needed product when added by-product recipe into the loop
  • [MAP] Calculate spline center to reduce rotation and copy offset
  • [MAP] Fix wrong rotation center when selecting a player
  • [MAP] Reduce library file by loading some models later in the process
  • [MAP] Added temporary "Industrial fluid buffer" model
  • [MAP] Fixed "Fluid buffer" model
  • [MAP] Added search to inventory select
  • [PLANNER] Do not use "Alternate: Recycled Rubber" when "Alternate: Recycled Plastic" is selected
  • [GENERAL] Fixed localStorage crash for dark theme
  • [MAP] Added map options to get performance boosts
  • [MAP] Prevent crash when player state is not available for inventory and hotbar
  • [MAP] Fixed hash not updating when selecting the grey layer
  • [MAP] Added hotbar under map options
  • [MAP] Added multiple hotbar support
  • [MAP] Added ##***##***##
  • [MAP] Fixed fog of war details when zommed out
  • [MAP] Added "Corner Ramp Down 8m x 4m" model
  • [MAP] Added "M.A.M." model
  • [MAP] Added some internal debug tool
  • [PLANNER] Fixed TurboFuel recipe was skipped as flagged as an alternate recipe
  • [PLANNER] Added priority to main recipe instead of the residual one
  • [PLANNER] Fixed liquid refinery output not merging properly
  • [MAP] Added offset overclocking using lasso selection
  • [MAP] Added "Corner Ramp Down 8m x 2m" model
  • [MAP] Fixed rotation by 90° not updating object model
  • [MAP] Fixed flying crab hatcher z offset
  • [PLANNER] Fixed quantity used while taking by-products as a source
  • [PLANNER] Main items now uses by-products if available
  • [PLANNER] Fixed selected recipe not showing production ratio
  • [MAP] Fixed wrong PowerConnection in pasted CircuitID
  • [PLANNER] Added alternate recipes in selected items
  • [PLANNER] Select recipes with least produced items
  • [PLANNER] Use by-products when available
  • [PLANNER] Added pipes
  • [PLANNER] Added pipe junctions
  • [MAP] Skip PowerLine when calculating offset to paste a blueprint
  • [MAP] Fixd hidden connections renames
  • [MAP] Added fluid buffer tooltip
  • [MAP] Refined assembler model
  • [MAP] Started some flow interface for pipes and pumps
  • [MAP] Fixed refinery model
  • [MAP] Added space elevator model (Need polishing)
  • [MAP] Added foundation glass model
  • [MAP] Added flying crab to fauna
  • [MAP] Multiple fixes to blueprints (Missing hidden connections and missing pipes fluid interfaces)
  • [MAP] Added lasso rotation
  • [MAP] Update to realtime statistics (So they update on delete or pasting new blueprints)
  • [MAP] Added lasso statistics
  • [MAP] Added Down/Upgrade belts, lift and power poles from context menu or lasso selection
  • [MAP] Added some group/separator to context and lasso menu to make them easier to read!