Buildable Resource Nodes Redux

Buildable Resource Nodes Redux

Buildable Resource Nodes

U6+ Version of Buildable Resource Nodes by Turtlefight, ported by Robb

NOTE - If you're updating from the old BuildableResourceNodes mod, SML will warn you that you're missing the old mod when you first load your save. That's fine - this mod automatically redirects the old buildings to the new ones in order to preserve your existing nodes.

Are you tired of searching for resource nodes on the map? Then this mod is for you!

You can build all the Resource Nodes & Resource Wells you can find in the game once you have researched the corresponding Milestones.

Multiplayer Compatible


  • Buildable Resource Nodes (in all 3 quality levels: Impure, Normal, Pure)
    • Limestone
    • Iron Ore
    • Copper Ore
    • Coal
    • Caterium
    • Bauxite
    • Raw Quartz
    • Sulfur
    • Uranium
    • S.A.M.
    • Crude Oil
  • Buildable Geysers (Impure, Normal, Pure)
  • Buildable Resource Wells (8 Nodes - Impure, Normal, Pure)
    • Water
    • Crude Oil
    • Nitrogen

New Milestones

  • Tier 1
    • Basic Buildable Resource Nodes (Limestone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore)
    • Buildable S.A.M. Resource Nodes
  • Tier 2
    • Buildable Caterium Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Raw Quartz Resource Nodes
  • Tier 3
    • Buildable Coal Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Sulfur Resource Nodes
  • Tier 5
    • Buildable Crude Oil Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Geysers
  • Tier 7
    • Buildable Bauxite Resource Nodes
  • Tier 8
    • Buildable Uranium Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Resource Wells (Water, Crude Oil, Nitrogen)

Build & Dismantle Nodes anytime



Build more Geysers for free Energy!


Resource Wells

These are a bit difficult to place due to their large size. You only place the core, however keep in mind that you also need a lot of space for the satellite nodes. You need an approx. 15x15 foundations large free space to place a Resource Well without clipping.

Resource Well


This mod works in Multiplayer - your friends can place and dismantle resource nodes anytime!


In case something doesn't work correctly or you encounter a bug, please post a report in the modding discord server so I can work on fixing it. You can join the modding discord server here:


Robb#6731 has updated the mod for Update 6/7.

This mod was originally created by Turtlefight#6892 who published the original source code here: