Super (Alternate) Recipes

Super (Alternate) Recipes

A fairly simple and straight forward mod that clones nearly all vanilla recipes, and turns them into much more efficient versions of themselves. Additionally, items in the game that were not previously automatable, such as Mycelia, Food, and Power Shards, are now fully automatable following the same basic formula detailed below. All recipes can be unlocked via 9 milestones (one per tier) for no cost.

Every recipe takes 1 of each ingredient and 10 seconds to produce 10 product. Here's an example: With the Super Concrete recipe, a Constructor will build 10x Concrete over a 10 second time period for the cost of 1x Limestone. Fully overclocking said Constructor will reduce the production time to 4 seconds, going from 60 PPM (parts per minute) stock, to 150 PPM fully overclocked. Here's another example: In the vanilla game, the standard Turbo Motor recipe costs 4x Cooling Systems, 2x Radio Control Units, 4x Motors, and 24x Rubber. Using these resources to make just 1x Turbo Motor will take a stock machine 32 seconds - that's not even 2 PPM! With the Super Turbo Motor recipe, a Manufacturer will build 10x Turbo Motors over a 10 second time period for the cost of 1x Cooling System, 1x Radio Control Unit, 1x Motor, and 1x Rubber. Fully overclocking said Manufacturer will reduce the production time to 4 seconds, going from 60 PPM, to 150 PPM fully overclocked.

With that in mind, Super (Alternate) Recipes covers most vanilla recipes in the following structures:

• Craft Bench (yes, you can craft things like project parts in the Craft Bench (not very balanced or lore friendly in that regard))

• Equipment Workshop (has a reduced crafting time for all items over the Craft Bench)

• Smelter

• Foundry

• Constructor

• Assembler

• Manufacturer

• Packager

• Refinery

• Blender

• Particle Accelerator

TL;DR: This mod clones nearly all vanilla recipes and has them follow the same basic, but very efficient formula: 1x of each Ingredient + 10 Seconds = 10x Product. It also enables you to automate items that were not automatable before, such as Mycelia, Food, and Power Shards. With Super (Alternate) Recipes, every item in your factory can be produced at a rate of up to 150 PPM (parts per minute).


1 • I see the mod hasn't been updated for a while. Does it still work? Is it abandoned?

  • Yes it still works, and no, it's not abandoned (I'm guilty of thinking the same thing about some mods myself). If the mod hasn't been updated in a while, that simply means there is nothing to update and there are no known bugs within the mod. If for whatever reason we have to abandon the mod (which is quite unlikely) the description will be updated to reflect on what's happening.

2 • Update (insert number here) released for Satisfactory. When will the mod be updated to support it?

  • We cannot provide an exact date but probably say within a week or so after the latest modding tools (which support the new update) have been released. However, I must clarify that this timeline only applies to the Early Access branch of the game, and not Experimental. For more info on this, see FAQ #3.

3 • Do you support Experimental builds of Satisfactory?

  • Well, partially. We only develop releases for the Early Access branch, but test all releases on both EA and EXP to keep track of their current status (working or not).

4 • Can you create a patch for this mod I'm also using?

  • I wish we could but for the time being, no. This simply boils down to SMR's (this website) feature set. If patches were to be created, they would be uploaded as optional files that you could download instead of the main file. Problem is, SMR doesn't support optional files but if and when it does we would be on board to do patches with other mods.

5 • Can you change some recipes to be as fast or as slow as I'd like them to be?

  • See FAQ #4 above. We would consider it only if SMR allowed users to upload optional files, as we don't want changes like that put into the main file.

This could be seen as a cheat mod by many, so view it as you like. We see it as more of a quality of life mod mainly because it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to produce large quantities of Concrete, Turbo Motors, etc, thus making the game more enjoyable to play.

Aside from that, this mod is fully compatible with multiplayer, so you and your friends should not have any issues there.

If you find any bugs, typos, or issues with the mod, or have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to join our Discord server below and let us know. We aim to keep this mod as polished as possible for everyone!

For the full list of supported recipes, head here:

Our Discord server:

For those interested, this mod can also be found on Nexus Mods:


Public use of our assets without permission is strongly discouraged. "Assets" are defined as anything the authors of Super (Alternate) Recipes have created which consists of the title, recipes, and files / source code. If you would like to upload content that also includes any of the previously mentioned assets, please contact us.


• Game Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

• Mod Developer (Development and QA): AtomicFallout757

• Mod Co-Developer (Development and Helping Hand): vdmJohan