belt and miner renewed

belt and miner renewed

Belt and Miner multiplayer compatible start unlocking at tier 8 then go to tier 2 to unlock the new millestones then tier4 etc... if you want to switch from belt and miner or fast progress keep in mind that's another mod and all building from belt and miner / fast progress will desappear a simple mod that add 5 new belt and lift with different speed

mk6: 1000 items/min

mk7: 1500 items/min

mk8: 2000 items/min

mk9: 2500 items/min

mk10: 3000 items/min

mk11: 3500 items/min

and some other factory building

miner mk8 (10 belt)

water pump mk8 (3 pipe)

oil extractor mk8 (4 pipe)

resource well extractor (4 pipe)

oil refinery mk8 (4 pipe in/out)

wind turbine mk1 (10/15 MW)

wind turbine mk2 (350/400 MW)

micro power storage (store 5 MW)

pipeline pump mk8 (200m headlift)

Large storage 512 slots (8 intput/output)

and some other like a Srew Maker

this really needs better recipe / balance and homepage feedback on Discord moidu21#3153 big thanks to all making modding possible (sml teams, css, and all i forgot) kwon bug: Donate best donator

SRS from discord thanks a lot
Alexander Kunkel

Icon by Deantendo#4265