Unique Turbine

Unique Turbine

Multiplayer compatible EA and XP compatible

Unique Turbine is a remix mod made with parts from Just Turbines and bits of code from Unified Grid. It adds a simple turbine in order to make the pioneer's life easier at the beginning of the game, and/or use as a portable power generator.

To avoid "cheating" only one turbine can be built at a time, hence the name. See Mod Configs in main menu for additional customization.

Available chat commands:

  • /DeleteTurbine or /KillTurbine to dismantle the turbine if you are too far from it, although the connected power cable will not be destroyed

If you find bugs or have ideas to improve the mod, your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM me through Discord (AcidXDrop#8100) or ping me on Satisfactory Modding server.