[M.A.R] More Alternate Recipes

[M.A.R] More Alternate Recipes

More Alternate Recipes

This mod adds some new Recipes to game. They are available in the M.A.M.


First you'll have to find unlock M.A.R Drive T1 (and some other things) to unlock the Mod.

  • Change some Stack size

    • all packaged to 200 and more other items
  • over 250 new recipes

    Every research cost M.A.R Drives (T1-4) (T1 includes Power Shards or Coupons) the Cost of the Drives are high!

  • Add over 50 new Parts

  • 6 new Resources with Nodes (Total currently 107 Nodes in the World)

  • 14 new M.A.M. research trees

  • A over 150 new research Nodes

    • the Cost of the research are high!
  • 133 inventory slots

  • new ore(s): Tin, Cryolit, Titanium

  • new power shard processing (end Tier)

  • new Ore / Metal processing

  • new Aluminum processing

  • new Oil processing

  • a lot of new Gasses and Fluids

  • over 10 new Buildings for example (made by Hndrxuprt#1299):