RSS2 / Really Simple Signs

RSS2 / Really Simple Signs

Multiplayer YES Please report Bugs, Issues and Suggestions on Discord:

This is RSS 2! Less simple though....

Multiplayer compatible!

==You can find the signs in the Awesome shop==

There are some basic templates for all the signs, lots of new icons, some backgrounds and nearly all of the content from RSS 1!

We'll add templates over time, and you can submit yours for consideration as a default!

We've even adopted the standard signs and applied our magic to them.

You can add your own images via url You can have many layers You can adjust the z order of these layers You can go nuts with text You can have all the control you can handle over images. There are SO MANY OPTIONS We got normal signs We got crazy flying drone signs We got fully customisable floor signs We got big spinning signs We got signs for pipes We got signs for belts AND we have holographic versions of all of that too! We got a special sign gun so you can edit/copy/paste from a distance, too.

You can easily share or backup your signs by just pressing 'copy' and pasting that into a text file.

It's easy It's squeezy And it's sure as doggo heck lemon peazy.