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Important Information:

  • ⚠️ This mod is currently in an Alpha state and will receive many changes in the future! This mod may also be unbalanced at times!
  • ⚠️ This mod overhauls the entire game! Nearly all of the Vanilla recipes and rates have been changed!
  • ⚠️ This mod is not compatible with saves created before this mod was installed. All new games must play though the tutorial or the game will crash.
  • ⚠️ This mod uses and changes the content of other mods (Refined Power and Fluid Extras, and more). Features of those mods are heavily changed, and some features are completely disabled.

📌 List of currently supported mods

  • [Forced/Automatically Installed] Refined Power
  • [Forced/Automatically Installed] Fluid Extras
  • [Forced/Automatically Installed] FicsitFarming
  • [Supported] Structural Solutions
  • [Supported] RSS / Really Simple Signs
  • [Semi-Supported] PowerSuit Modules
  • [Semi-Supported] Linear Motion

📌 List of currently disabled and auto removed mods

  • MinerMk5
  • MinerMk4
  • Minimal Factory
  • Advanced Machine and Belt Mk++
  • MK++
  • Cheap Smart Splitter
  • Conveyors Mod
  • Buildable Resource Nodes
  • Water Pool
  • Fluid Resource Sink
  • More Alternate Recipes
  • More Milestones +100
  • Features:
  • Makes the game feel refreshing and new
  • Adds tons of new items and recipes
  • Completely overhauls the entire game
  • Replaces the Vanilla power generation with Refined Power

Currently Available:

  • 📌 Tutorial + T1-T6
  • 📌 24 Alternative Recipes
  • 📌 MAM:
  • Power Sluges (~20%)
  • Satmonium (~75%)
  • Cryolit (~30%)
  • Alien Organism (~90%)
  • Sulfur (~90%)
  • Dirt (Fiscit Farming)


  • T7-8
  • more MAM trees and nodes
  • Some special features
  • Many buildings are currently placeholder and will replace in the future


  • Hndrxuprt#1299 - Models, effects
  • Hailun - Models, effects
  • Big thanks to Refined R&D for letting me use there Refined Power mod to be used within the mod, if you want more info on the mod check it out here
  • Deantendo - for the wonderful Mod icon and awsome UI's! Deantendo #4265