Important - "Structural Solutions" mod required! I wanted it to be clean and white (i.e not ficsit walls). Since the default concrete does not allow for +5 contrast for perfect white, I used this mod as the concrete walls can be white.

503m(ish) tall, Sci-fi themed skyscraper ready for your next factory! Almost completely empty inside.

There are 2 4-car train stations in the base (one in each direction), and 2 drone ports at the top (with power connected, and batteries stocked).

I used the default concrete pallet with the white at +5 contrast, and swatch 4 with dark grey primary.

  • Items count 12,910
  • Coordinates -247,600 / -54,517
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Architecture UPDATE 8
  • Created on Mar 30, 2024, 6:38:17 AM