Cement Factory

Concrete factory in the Rocky Desert designed to aesthetically resemble a cement plant. Consists of:

  • Concrete Constructors x 88 (352MW, concrete 1320pm)
  • Wet Concrete Refineries x 6 (180MW concrete 480pm)
  • Water Extractors x 5 (100MW)
  • Pump Mk1 + Mk2 (12MW)
  • Miner Mk 3 x 14 (420MW)
  • Truck Station x 2
  • Train Station x 8
  • Freight train x 1 (for limestone)

Limestone is delivered via rail from across the Rocky Desert zone, taking up 14 limestone deposits. At full capacity, this megaprint can produce up to 1800pm concrete, for delivery via either truck or rail. While not the maximum amount of concrete possible (that would require using only wet concrete refineries), this quantity is suitable for producing Heavy Modular Frames at 60pm as an example.


Powered from the rail system. Detailed figures above, plus power for any transport. The plant itself is divided into 3 switch groups (each group produces 600pm concrete).

Version History

  • v1.0: Initial Version

Modded Content

Enlarged pieces used for roads, walls and decreative elements

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