ZENN Designer's Platform

I often found myself in need of some plain clean space where I can build and test ideas with virtually no limits. You could go for the desert, but it's wavy. You could go for the grasslands, but they're full of rocks and so on. Of course, you can always build one anywhere, at any height but that takes time. I've built one.. to last. And I'm sharing it with you so you can use it as space to build new ideas, a foundation for your new factory, a drift arena, hoarding wildlife and so on.

It has a network of wires underneath, meaning you can energize any of them and have your platform electrified, thus being able to fly all over it with the Hover Pack. I didn't include any roads or power source to make it easy to use and paste anywhere (you can always choose to paste it in its original location, which is where the carousel image on the left shows.


  • A great deal of 8x1 Concrete Foundations, hovering a couple of meters above water (you can fit hovering underneath without swimming);
  • One layer of 8x4 Concrete Walls all around;
  • Interconnected Mk.1 Wall Outlets underneath, 40 meters apart.
  • Created on Feb 18, 2024, 1:02:02 PM