54GW Compact Oil Power Plant

While by no means the prettiest, best or the smallest, this 54GW oil power plant is reasonably compact, and surprisingly powerful! It is located on the western beach islands and is intentionally built quite modularly for ease of problem solving. It has an optional output of ~1200 polymer resin/min. And for those folk who get bothered by clipping; theres is no major clipping in this build! Works in Update 8! No Setup! Outputs: 54GW Power, ~1200/min polymer resin (⚠️POLYMER RESIN OUTPUT IS NOT STEADY !⚠️ due to the refineries not running 100% of the time, so expect a bit less than 1200/min!) REQUIRES alternate recipes: Heavy oil residue and Diluted Fuel. Feel free to give me feedback!

  • Items count 35,216
  • Coordinates -246,131 / 105,328
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Complete factory UPDATE 8
  • Created on Dec 4, 2023, 4:53:32 PM