26GW TurboFuel power plant

26GW TurboFuel power plant


  • 600 Crude oil
  • 400 Sulfur


  • 26GW of power
  • 100 plastic
  • 100 rubber

Power plant is ready to be connected to GRN. On image 4 you can see, how to connect to track. Also, after connection, both block signals will be in error, just delete them and build again in same place.
Second input possibility are drone hubs on roof. One dedicated drone hub for sulfur import and rubber/plastic export, another one for packaged oil. Packagers are included in plant, so don't worry, just deliver packaged oil. Empty packs are send back to drone port, so on way back, drones will bring empty packs back to oil rigs.
There are 3 train stations in bottom floor:

  1. Oil import with 4 cargo platforms
  2. Rubber/plastic export with 2 platforms
  3. Sulfur import with 3 platforms

Rubber and plastic overflow is send to Sink, so you don't need to take care of it. Power plant is fully stable, if you can keep income values per minute. There is one warehouse container as buffer for sulfur and 8 big fluid buffers for oil(plus 4 small fluid buffers for packaged oil).
You can use trains in combination with drones, or trains only, or drones only,...decision is up to you.
Megaprint can be pasted only in original location, because pool and water extractors are integrated to existing small lake. Once you integrate it to your map, you need to clear some flora around and inside building.

Credit goes to XSEIDET for the pool idea. I apologize for not putting this here from the beginning, but I had no idea who of this large community built the pool first. Anyway, it was great idea and im using pools on every small lakes near factories.

There are no MODS required.

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