This is my version of the turbo fuel power station (max overclocked) that produces a whopping 302k mw

i used my previous blueprint as a stepping stone when the first train update came out to create my massive power station that provides power for whole my map. i have this build for years and i have been adding more and more to it until now that i finaly think its complete.

the setup is pretty straight forward going from: crude oil - heavy oil residue - adding water - multiply to fuel - adding compact coal to turbo fuel the waste resin will be automatically collected by a train that brings it to the resin recycle station (view 2nd photo)

somewhat important -power control tower 1)every section can be separately disconnected from the power grid in the power control tower (view 2nd photo). just in case if u cannot supply every section
2)also the resin recycle station as the water pakagers can be disconnected separately. 3)there is also a switch that disconnect the entire facility from the world grid so when there is a power breakdown that u can restart section by section.

-resin recycle station the resin recycle station uses the resin to craft things like rubber, plastic and fabric (overflow runs in the sink so your power facility will not stop in case of overflowing resin)


  • 450 crude oil for each section (8 sections total)

  • 750st/min compacted coal for each section - must be delivered by train 1train of max 4 wagons for each factory (2 in total) each train wagon goes to 1 section so be sure to divide all the inputs over the wagons

    future small updates the updates might vary from adding a few screens to extra drone ports @ the resin station to collect resin from the world

    i hope u enjoy this build as much as i do

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