1 TeraWatt Clean Selfsufficient Nuclear Power Plant

1 TeraWatt Clean Selfsufficient Nuclear Power Plant

Who needs 1TW of power? No one, but now everyone can have it. I created this power plant just for fun, so don't blame me :). Just plug and enjoy, all resources are included, i used impure nodes if possible, if not normal nodes(miners are copied and relocated inside building).
Power plant is absolutely stable, it produce 980GW from uranium and 20GW from oil(small turbo fuel power plant inside, to cover ramp up of nuke monster). This megaprint is really huge, it contains more than 77000 objects, including 3000 machines, 144KM of belts...

  • 751 assemblers
  • 455 refineries
  • 437 constructors
  • 113 blenders
  • ...
  • ...
  • 168 nuclear power plants
  • 54 fuel generators
  • 16 particle accelerators

So be patience during importing in SCIM. I tested it in EDGE, i needed to click "WAIT" in "Page is not responding" warning message 5 times.
There are 8 floors, each floor have signs with explaining floor production. I will not write here all needs(and i can not, because i accidentally deleted my browser cache, so i no more have production diagram. And build new one is a nightmare) and production, but for example, on 3rd floor it produce 17950 quickwire + 4950 wire + 900 aluminium ingot + 600 aluminium casing + 200 heat sink. PER minute!

Uranium waste is recycled in 16 particle accelerators, used for plutonium fuel rods production and then send to Sink. So power plant is clean, no waste production.

Because im dumb, i forgot to put there Main power plug. Will try to solve it ASAP, but it is not easy, because MP is too huge for normal upload and server refuse it. I understand, that now it can be problem for some players to find possible connection point. So, on bottom floor, in NW corner you will find 4 refineries producing aluminum scrap. From one of them cable is going up to next floor foundation. You can connect there. My apologize to all of you.

14.12.2023 Thanks to Anthor, issue with Nitrogen gas bug in SCIM was solved, megaprint is now fully compatible with U8 version.

There are no MODS required.

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