Red Bamboo Forest Roads

Video tour:

A network of scenic roads to connect up the resources for my future "Al's Aluminum" factory in Red Bamboo Forest. I used SCIM tool "spawn road" with curves to avoid and provide views of interesting natural features. Includes road connections to all the bauxite and coal in the area, discretely embedded power lines, plus a huge sweeping ramp with hypertube down to "Sil's Silica" quartz mine. It's a work in progress, but I will update this as I find time around my new job.

For my current run, I decided to rely on trucks, no trains, plus doing my best to keep the roads integrated with the beautiful scenery. Usually the trails suffice, but Red Bamboo Forest is so rugged and dense with scenery that I needed to spend (way too many) hours locating and adjusting these routes. In Red Bamboo Forest, I used only a few ramps and a lot of MicroManage to keep the roads as close as possible to the terrain without stuff clipping through. (You will need to chainsaw the foliage again, and I suggest blowing up the gas pillars.)

  • Created on Aug 10, 2023, 5:41:37 PM