Northern Forest Control Rods

Self contained small factory for producing control rods at a theoretical maximum of 53/min (allow some overhead due to the manifold layout). The control rods are sent to a train station for transport.

This megaprint consists of:

  • Stator assemblers x 16

  • Fused Wire assemblers x 8

  • Control Rod assemblers x 14

  • Steel Pipe constructors x 12

  • AI Limiter assemblers x 12

  • Fused Quickwire assemblers x 14

  • Copper Sheet constructors x 30

  • Steel Ingot foundries x 8

  • Copper Alloy foundries x 12

Important Note

Between Update 7 and Update 8 experimental, the name of the closer copper node has changed from PersistentLevel.BP_ResourceNode69 to PersistentLevel.BP_ResourceNode_C_0. Since this megaprint was created in Update 8 experimental, the miner may detach from the copper node if you paste this in Update 7 (and you will need to recreate the miner).

Modded Content

Enlarged pieces for roads and walls

Version History

v1.0 Initial Version

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  • Build version 240,610
  • Author xbb1024
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  • Created on Aug 4, 2023, 5:35:03 AM