Global Rail Network Power Plants upgrade - Blue Crater

Global Rail Network Power Plants upgrade - Blue Crater

I decided to upgrade both GRN power plants. This one is for Blue Crater upgrade. Initial power plant output is 4200MW, i replaced 4 refineries with 4 blenders, add some water extractors and now upgraded output is 9900MW.
So after upgrade of both power plants, output will be increased from 8400MW to 19800MW(link to second megaprint is bellow). Easy installation, just delete initial power plant as marked by green square on 4th image. And import this MP. After game load, you need to rebuild marked pipe and power line on 3rd image.
Works in U7 and experimantal U8 version of game.
Tested and works on GRN version 3.9, but it is compatible with all previous GRN versions. I dont know reason why, but in 3.9 green coloring was changed to red one. I believe most of players are still on previous version, so i keep green coloring in this upgrade. If you want to change colors, see bellow color codes.
v 3.9 (red design) - #FE0000
V 3.8 and bellow(green design) - green #113D10 , foundation color #857B71

This MP was posted with approval of PravumL(GRN author).

Link to second Western Beach Power Plant Upgrade

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