Space elevator upgrade 4 for GRN

Space elevator upgrade 4 for Global rail network


  • Coal 730
  • Iron ore 730
  • Copper ore 730
  • Caterium ore 470
  • Limestone 380
  • Bauxite 210
  • Raw quartz 30
  • Sulfur 25
  • Crude oil 420
  • Nitrogen gas 120
  • Battery - Only if you decide to use drones. Batteries for production chain are included, so if you don't use drones, you don't need to import batteries
  • Power - there is build in 20GW power generator, which cover all megaprint needs, so no power requirements


  • Assembly director system 2
  • Magnetic field generator 2
  • Thermal propulsion rocket 0.5
  • Nuclear pasta 0.5

It fit needs for upgrade 4000/4000/1000/1000

No mods required.


  • 4 train stations
  • 12 drone ports
    Complex is connected to Global rail network, but it is not mandatory, you can use it separately, with your own train network. One train station is dedicated for fluids(2 platforms for oil + 1 platform for nitrogen gas - DO NOT MIX IT). Another 3 train stations with 12 platforms are used for import of resources mentioned above. Each platform has its own buffer container. Doesn't matter, what you deliver where, there is big sorter under train stations and it will do its job and sort all incoming resources to dedicated warehouse containers.
    There are also 12 drone ports, 1 dedicated only for batteries import, but another 11 can be used for any mixed resource income(materials come thru same sorter and reach dedicated WH container). It is up to you, how you will deliver resources, but don't forget, if you want to use drone ports, you need to deliver batteries. Of course, you can mix deliveries and use train station + drone ports to deliver same material. From dedicated WH container, each resource is moved to truck stations under train station complex and distributed by 8 tractors to another buildings. We all know, trucks and tractors are bugged, but i decided to use them for visual effect. I did a long term testing and it works well. If you don't like tractors, you can replace them with belts. Fuel for tractors is created from rubber waste and distributed by belts in floor.
    3rd possibility is to deliver resources by trucks(tractors) from outside of complex, directly to truck stations integrated to relevant building(there is road heading outside of complex). But be careful, it is direct delivery, no sorter in place, no buffer container in place(except sulfur and bauxite, they have their own buffer container in production building - it was necessary due to shared truck station for both materials). IF you decided to go this way, i recommend to build dedicated input truck station and connect it to sorter, to keep sorting and buffering. There is a big excess of fuel(petroleum coke) production, so you can use produced fuel for your own trucks.

There is no reason to deliver low runners by train, so either you take them from container and move them manually, or use dedicated drone port for export goods only.

Lights controls are placed at the bottom of power tower, currently set to respect day/night cycle. There is also hyper tube entrance to reach tower.

For smooth start of production, firstly setup all delivery routes and once trains/drones are delivering materials, find power switch mounted on wall, close to Particle accelerator and turn it ON.

I created short introduction video. Please don't blame me, i did it with some free video recorder, with not so good performance and quality. Also for unknown reason, Youtube transformed it to SD only. But it should be illustrative video and not video to win film festival in Cannes. I will try to find way for HD version, but for now only SD is available. At the end of video you can find instructions, how to connect it to GRN(just delete and reconnect 4 rails).

My recommendation is to build it in original location, but it is not mandatory. You can build it anywhere, but then you need to adopt rail connection and also delete all 8 tractors and create new one with new paths(if you build it on non original location, tractors will try to reach original paths).

01.12.2023 - Anthor corrected water extractors bug, now megaprint works without issue also in U8 version. All credits to Anthor, SCIM developer!

Don't be lazy and rate my megaprint by clicking on stars! Other players also want to know, if this is usable, or trash. Thanks.

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