Munitions Factory Lite

This is a modified compact version of my Munitions Factory The more restricted scope allows for a neater layout, less conveyor sprawl and more independence from external factories. Products made include:

  • Nuclear Pasta (requires delivery of Pressure Conversion Cubes)
  • Nobelisk
  • Cluster Nobelisk
  • Rifle Ammo
  • Turbo Rifle Ammo.

The site is in the south east of the Sandy Desert to exploit the local coal and sulfur deposits, although it is far away from oil (for me personally, all the better locations were already taken). All produced products are sent to a warehouse in the center of the site.


Requires delivery of Pressure Conversion Cubes via drone if you want to make Nuclear Pasta). Also requires delivery of aluminium ingots via train.

Optionally, delivery of batteries via train for the drone ports.

Modded Content

I used oversized pieces for furniture, walls and floors. There are normal sized floor pieces under the workstations and at ground level if needed.

Version History

V1.0 Initial Version

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