GreenHouse Storage V1 for GRN

External design is based on "GreenHouse" concept .

The storage lineup consist of 45 Unique item sorting with 21 storages capable of storing 1000+ stacks and overflow to sink.

These storages are divided into 3 floors each item will cycle from bottom floor to 1st floor then onto the 2nd floor if no storages found matching item or storages are full then the overflow/undefined item will move to the sink.

There are 45 train stations each item that cycle within the storage area will go into its storage then from there it will move to the designated train station when then the train station is full then it will start to fill the item container.

Stations are modular if you wish to install more stations or storages you can do it easily.

Connect 4 train tracks points to existing GRN and your set.

This is version 1.0 for this storages there will be more improvements to come.

Forgot to mention one important thing, "No Lag".

Give it a like if you like to use it

  • Created on May 30, 2023, 12:41:58 PM