NR2 - North Rock Uranium Waste Recycling for GRN 3.4

This is my first Megaprint! It's based on and was almost completely rebuild by myself. Every production-chain was overhauled and rebuild into a new outer shell for each Building. New pipework, new beltwork, new cablework etc.... Just a few details like the "Ore-Washing" or running some belts underwater with glass above were kept from the original.

It's designed to be used with GRN installed and run completely of trains. (Included) It just utilizes the local Nitrogen-Node.

Why you would need something like this, when you can easily fit a recycling-chain inside your nuclear powerplant? You don't need it! But i like the idea of having a entire facility dedicated for recycling every uranium-waste you throw at it! With that in mind, you can generate more nuclear power on the same space without having the need of including recycling and using this extra space for more nuclear towers. Just drop the waste on a train and bring it up to NR2!

Here you get some data about the recycling: It processes up to 1125 Uranium Waste per minute!!! Should be about 47+- Nuclear Towers at 240% Clockspeed (due to stability on Water) or around 282GW of Nuclear Power with save processing of the generated Uranium-Waste The Waste is getting processed into Plutonium-Fuel-Rods to be sinked into the included Sink.

Disclaimer: it may clip when used with Big Storage Sorter! My be fixed in a later update only paste it on the original location!

  • Created on May 23, 2023, 7:05:35 AM