Nuclear Pasta Accelerators

A simple factory consisting of 4 Nuclear Pasta accelerators and 8 Copper Powder constructors. 24 Copper Alloy foundries are also provided.

While this megaprint as a whole is specific to this location (includes miners on nodes), feel free to relocate individual buildings to the most appropriate location for your map (any place with plenty of copper available).


Pressure Conversion Cube are brought in via drone, and Nuclear Pasta cubes are delivered out via drone.

This megaprint uses 2 pure copper nodes, which is not sufficient to produce 2400 Copper Ingots. There are more copper nodes further out (which I personally already have in use), or you could overclock the Tier 3 miners to 125%.


There are only 2 circuits in use, lights and production. Add power to a lamp post and to any power connector.

Modded Content

I use enlarged pieces for roads and walls.

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