Munitions Factory

Volatile products factory, producing all munitions except Nuke Nobelisk. The site is in the south east of the Sandy Desert to exploit the local coal and sulfur deposits, although it is far away from oil, quartz and caterium (for me personally, all the better locations were already taken).

Factory also requires delivery of Oscillators for Pulse Nobelisk production, and High Speed Connectors for Homing Rifle Ammo production.

Assembly Tower 1 (from east)

  • 6 x Compact Coal assemblers (note: only 1 is required to be on, recommend turning 5 off to conserve limited sulfur)
  • 30 x Black Powder assemblers (8 for Nobelisk production, 22 for Smokeless Powder production)
  • Drone port for delivering Smokeless Powder

Assembly Tower 2

  • 12 x Nobelisk assemblers
  • 12 x Shatter Rebar assemblers
  • 7 x Stun Rebar assemblers
  • 4 x Fused Quickwire assemblers
  • Drone port for delivering Nobelisks

Assembly Tower 3

  • 16 x Rifle Ammo assemblers
  • 12 x Homing Rifle Ammo assemblers
  • 2 x Turbo Rifle Ammo manufacturers
  • 1 x Aluminium Casing constructor
  • Drone port for receiving High Speed Connectors

Assembly Tower 4 (westmost)

  • 12 x Pulse Nobelisk assemblers
  • 12 x Cluster Nobelisk assemblers
  • 12 x Gas Nobelisk assemblers
  • Drone port for receiving Crystal Oscillators

Manufacturing Building

  • 12 x Explosive Rebar manufacturers
  • 8 x Steel Rod constructors
  • 18 x Steel Pipe constructors
  • 24 x Iron Rebar constructors
  • 24 x Copper Sheet constructors


  • 1 x Empty Canister constructor
  • 2 x Plastic refineries
  • 9 x Heavy Oil Residue refineries
  • 1 x Turbo Heavy Fuel refinery
  • 32 x Smokeless Powder refineries


In addition to drone port delivery, this build also requires quartz crystals, caterium ingots and biomass to be delivered via truck. The biomass truckstop will accept any biological material, as there is a biomass processing facility set up under the road.

All produced goods are sent to a warehouse. There are 2 truckstops provided at the warehouse, but aren't configured yet.

Power switches are located in a room on the top of the manufacturing building.

Modded Content

I use enlarged pieces for roads and walls. I have kept all foundations under equipment normal sized, to facilitate alterations.

Version History

  • v1.0: Initial release
  • v2.0: Changed power items for update 8
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  • Created on Apr 19, 2023, 4:24:50 PM
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