Compact 20GW fuel power plant v1.0

Compact 20GW fuel power plant version 1.0

19875 MW fuel generator plant connected to just one pure oil node.

  • Input: 600 Crude Oil (1 overclocked pure node)
  • Output: 19875 MW / 80 Plastic / 80 Rubber

Contains 53 fuel generators overclocked to 250%, 8 refineries for heavy oil on 250%, 8 blenders on 200% to produce fuel. Another 4 refineries on 200% for rubber and plastics. There is also included power storage 28600 MW, fully charged. It is on grid 19x12 on 3 floors, located in Blue crater lake. But can be placed anywhere on water, or outside of water, if you bring 1840l water in pipes.
As a secondary product, there is 80 rubber and 80 plastic, currently connected to SINK to prevent stoppage of fuel production. Disconnect it and you can transport it via drones, trains,trucks...

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