The Ultra-HUB

This H.U.B. has the following:

  • Dual mirrored Blueprint Designers

  • 36 Bin auto-sorting storage room with 4 Awesome Sinks to handle overflow

  • A production Office:

    • A room where you can check off different builds you've created, parts you've made, new items unlocked, and misc items collected
  • Conversion Hub:

    • A building that you can dump all leaves, wood, flowers, power slugs, and enemy remains into corresponding bins and it will automatically convert everything into their final forms (Solid Biomass, Color Cartridge, Proteins, Power Shards) and sends them to a bank-bin, while the color Cartridges are sent to an awesome sink.
  • Power connections at multiple points on the exterior for power connections (incoming or outgoing - train lines can also be used in place of incoming power lines)

  • Lighting complete inside

  • All power lines are hidden throughout the buildings main support columns - making the entire building look clean and free of any clutter

  • Space Elevator: Includes a 2x2 (4) Drone port

Truck Station:

  • Can handle both Loading & Unloading configurations
  • Fed directly to a logistics train line
  • Includes parking spaces for 6 trucks (and 4 additional side spots for Explorers)

3 Train stations:

  • One to feed the space elevator parts + batteries to the adjacent drone port
  • One to feed the storage room and load/unload the truck station
  • And the final one is just a simple station for a Pioneer travel line.

It was made using only Vanilla assets and was snapped to the world grid to start off the base foundation. I built this on the beach of paradise island, but you can place this HUB anywhere in your world.

Check out the Blueprint for the "Converter Hub"

Also, check out the Blueprint for the "Production Office"