Big Storage + Sorter 1.5 for Global Rail Network 2.9+

Big Storage + Sorter 1.5 for Global Rail Network 2.9+

V 1.4 Has an error in the Battery Line which caused congestion , to fix the error joint our Discord !!! V1.5

  • All known bugs fixed V1-4
  • All known bugs fixed V1.3 A programmable splitter was incorrectly set so that the excess caused clogging on the conveyor belts. !! If you have already installed the storage and do not want to reinstall it, join our Discord for help. It is only a small thing to change!

How does it all work:

  • All items are imported into 4 stations or drone ports. These are called Storage Import I to IV , so are the drone- Ports
  • One station is ONLY for importing batteries for the drones.
  • All imported items are automatically sorted and placed in the corresponding pickup stations.
  • 60 different items are supported, !!! NO NUCLEAR STUFF !!! All stations and drone ports have the name of the corresponding item and are only used to pick up the items, because all incoming items are sorted and distributed.

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