Rocky Desert Concrete & Iron

North Rocky Desert infrastructure consisting of:

  • 100 Concrete constructors, fed from 4800pm Limestone, producing 1500pm Concrete
  • 96 Iron Ingot smelters, fed from 2640pm Iron Ore, producing 2640pm Iron Ingots
  • 960pm Nitrogen Gas via pipeline


All resources are delivered via trucks or train. This megaprint is designed to integrate with via the train line (although feel free to use it however you wish).


Small substation in the east of this megaprint.

Modded Content

Roads use oversized pieces. The concrete factory uses rotated pieces (see images)


  • 1.0: Initial release
  • 2.0: Changes for update 8 map. Changed delivery mode via train. Rocky Desert South now part of the frame factory megaprint
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