This is The Ultimate Station. It's fitted for all primary resources (not including Uranium) and has a capacity of One Locomotive and Four Freight Cars. NO MODS.

Bring in trains with ANY of the eight resources in the same place. They can be mixed in the same train or even the same car, it doesn't matter - the station will sort them all out, store them and output them at the front via Two Mk.5 belts for each resource (780u/m x2). Any other materials or parts will be automatically shredded and if it happens that some non-shreddable stuff, radioactive materials or even some important items like Tools & Equipement get it, don't worry - the station will bring them back to you right into the recycling container at the back, so there will be absolutely NO BLOCKAGE at all in the building (unless the recyling container gets full, then you'll have to empty it and the system will carry on after that).

It's designed to have a lot of trains coming in, so the platforms drain at maximum speed (1560 u/m each x 4), the contents are stored inside to mainatin an un-interrupted output for enough time until another load comes in. To get an idea, one fully loaded train with one type of resource will provide uninterrupted output for that resource for 16.4 or 8.2 minutes (16.4 minutes for one belt output or 8.2 minutes for both belts output) or even more than that if you don't use up all 780u/m per belt. If another load comes in sooner than that, the output duration will be extended by another 16.4 or 8.2 minutes and so on. The maximum storage capacity will provide at least 2 hours and 27.6 minutes or 1 hour and 13.8 minutes of uninterrupted output. Beyond that, extra materials brought in will be shredded. If you need even more output than two Mk.5 belts per resource, you can always paste more Ultimate Stations side by side since it's square shape and front/back accessibility make that possible.

If you don't use trains for some resources (be it trucks, drones or just belts from nearby mines), connect them at the back of the Station to one of the eight input holes at the back and it will sort, store and output them just the same (in which case the output duration will change accordingly - use the numbers below to calculate). You'll find passage ways inside that you can access from the parking lot. They allow you to get to any part of the station on foot so you can configure the train, the station's time table or even open the platforms' inventories manually directly from the tunnel.

The power requirements are modest, 260 MW including the lights. There's a light control panel that controls all of the lights available, which draw 21 MW of power. Electricity can be drawn from the train tracks so no wire connection is needed. However, if you use it for other purposes and don't connect any powered tracks to it, or if you want to supply it with electricity for the entire rail network, it also has two power ports available (one at the front and one at the back). The station also stores some power inside to provide electricity to the shredders and lights in case of drop-out or disconnection, some 800 MWh of electricity. Since it has batteries, there's a switch of course to disconnect it from the grid and tracks for convenience. The wired power outlets in the front and back are inter-connected, so if the switch is off you can still run power through it and to the rail network, while the rest of the building won't draw any.


  • One Locomotive and Four Freight Cars format;
  • Maximum speed of drainage for the platforms (1560u/m each, 6240 u/m total);
  • Automated sorting and storage of resources (115,200 units capacity for each resource or 1,152 slots);
  • Individual double Mk.5 outputs for each resource (minimum 16.4 or 8.2 minutes of output for one full load, at least 2 hours and 27.6 minutes or 1 hour and 13.8 minutes if the storage is full);
  • Automated shredding of extra resources or parts;
  • A storage container for the return of non-shreddable stuff, radioactive materials, tools & equipment;
  • 8 Mk.5 inputs for other means of transportation;
  • Fully charged 800 MWh of power storage;
  • On-foot passage ways for maximum accessibility with lights all around;
  • Lights control panel;
  • Modular square design - 64 meters high (65 with foundation), 112 meters long, 72 meters wide;
  • Power drawn directly from the train tracks or from the two-way connections available at the front and back;
  • Power grid connection switch;
  • A parking space near the entrance to the passage ways.

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The ramp and supports are not included in the CBP file, so you can easily paste the design wherever you need. If by chance you need it for other materials than the basic resources, it has to be refitted and then the durations change according to the stack sizes. You can do it yourself, which would be pretty difficult even for experts since you have to know where to look and it's pretty stuffed, or you can e-mail me at and tell me what you need it for and I'll send you your own personalized version.