Desert Motors Factory

Factory in the Dune Desert to make multiple motor-related products. Please note that this factory requires many external inputs and my other blueprints and

Power switches are under the road in the south west of the main site. Truck routes needed to get Caterium, Concrete and Quartz Crystal from remote processing sites.

Manufacturer Towers

3 manufacturer towers, each tower has power switches in the basement, and storage + drone ports on the roof. Manufacturers consisting of:

  • Thermal Propulsion Rocket manufacturers x 6
  • Modular Engine manufacturers x 18
  • Turbo Pressure Motor manufacturers x 6
  • Rigor Motor manufacturers 18
  • Insulated Crystal Oscillator manufacturers x 12
  • Magnetic Field Generator manufacturers x 6
  • Heavy Encased Frame manufacturers x 3

Assembler Towers

Tower A1 assembles plate related products, with a drone port on the roof, consisting of:

  • Smart Plate assemblers x 24
  • Reinforced Iron Plate assemblers x 24

Tower A2 assembles frames and aluminum products, with a drone port on the roof, consisting of:

  • Heat Sink assemblers x 12
  • Steeled Frame assemblers x 12
  • Versatile Framework assemblers x 4
  • Alclad Aluminium Sheet assemblers x 15
  • Alclad Casing assemblers x 4

Tower A3 assemblers rotors and beams, with a drone port on the roof, consisting of:

  • Steel Rotor assemblers x 24
  • Encased Industrial Beam assemblers x 12
  • Fused Wire assemblers x 12

Tower A4 assemblers stators, with drone port on the roof, consisting of:

  • Stator assemblers x 32
  • Fused Wire assemblers x 16


The blender platforms are designed to fit inside my Desert Steelworks building. Consists of:

  • Cooling System blenders x 4
  • Fused Modular Frame blenders x 4

Blueprint Inputs

This blueprint requires and to deliver via conveyor belt:

  • Screws (2 belts)
  • Iron plates
  • Copper sheets
  • Steel beams
  • Steel Pipe
  • Electromagnetic Control Rods
  • AI Limiters

Also required via the train stations are:

  • Aluminum Ingots 900pm
  • Rubber 475.5pm
  • Packaged Nitrogen 270pm (for turbo pressure motors)
  • Batteries 30pm (for magnetic field generators, plus extra for drone ports)
  • Fuel for trucks

And via drone port on tower M1

  • Pressure Conversion Cubes 11.25pm (for turbo pressure motors)

Modded Content

This blueprint uses oversized pieces for walls, floors and roads.

Version History

Version 3.0, latest version wit update 6 parts

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