why build 6 hyper tube cannons when a single one can do just the same?

This Hyper Tube Launcher features a single 12 entrance, fully enclosed and permanently active hyper tube cannon as accelerator, shooting the pioneer at an array of 3x2 hyper tube entrances. Each of the 6 entrances got its own power switch and power storage, enabling the pioneer to select their destination by:

  • flipping the respective power switch
  • waiting for a bit to let the allocated power storage charge (about 1 or 2 seconds should be enough)
  • turn off the power switch
  • entering the departure tube that takes you to the cannon.

Going through the cannon, you will be shot at the 6 entrances, of which the previously charged one is active, sucking you in to send you off to your destination. Once the stored power is depleted the entrance deactivates on its own, resetting the system for the next departure.

The fully enclosed cannon and the 6 normally inactive destination entrances allow for bidirectional use of the hyper tubes, without the need to worry about being sucked into any nearby tube entrances when you travel back to it.

After you imported the blueprint into your world, simply connect your power grid to the wall power connector located in the middle of the 6 power switches, right below the hyper tube entrance that takes you to the cannon. All other power connectors that are visible outside, are for the activation of the 6 destination entrances, and therefore NOT for supplying the system with power!

Blueprint footprint: 3 x 11 Foundations

Launcher power usage: 120 MW permanently + up to 110 MW while charging the destination entrance circuit

Power Switches and their respective tubes are marked with signs

Enjoy :)

You can find a short video showing the function of the hyper tube launcher here: https://youtu.be/b7liHPlG2EI

This system is intended for in-pipe traveling, NOT as a hyper tube air launcher! It might work as an air launcher, but i did not test it for that application!

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