Compact Modular Refinery Platforms

Oil refinery platforms in a compact chevron layout. Each platform connects from the inside of the left wing to the apex of the next platform, and platforms can be repeated as long as you have enough space. The center platform in this blueprint is an example transport hub, but should be changed to suite your own map (factory, generators, etc).

The 2 west chevron platforms produce polymer materials (plastic, rubber, fabric) from 240p/m crude, with heavy oil byproduct turned into coke:

240 crude
520 resin (4 refiniries) 200 plastic (10 refineries), or 260 rubber (13 refineries), or 32.5 fabric (7 refineries), or any combination of each.

The east chevron platform produces turbo fuel from 240p/m crude and compact coal (input at end of right wing). The polymer resin byproduct is turned into canisters for packaging either the turbo fuel or normal fuel (packaging refineries should be converted to liquid packagers if you have the update). My example has compact coal manufactured on-site, but this probably won't be feasible at other oilfields.

It's feasible to put these platforms on land, but you will need to rework the water pipes. Note that some foundations are below the water surface, so you will need to adjust the z axis according to the water level when pasting in different locations (I personally find it easier to build a water extractor first in the same lake, and use it as an altitude reference against the pasted blueprint water extractors).

Also note that this example has been contrived to show my different platform types fitting together, for the purpose of making this blueprint. The oil nodes in the area don't actually amount to 720p/m crude.

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