This is my updated Highspeed Hypertube-Hub.

It consists of 8 Tubes of which 2 go to each compass direction at the outside of the build.

Warning: Improper use may kill you or even shoot you outside the Map (High Velocity!)

Best use for medium to large distances.

For shorter distances, always use horizontal (leveled) Hypertube-Outputs and 1 Meter of Wall (or two) to stop your momentum.

  • Each tube works in both directions and can be used as a Launcher or Target for hypertubes.
  • Each side of the inside features 2 tubes (left and right corner)
  • The arrow under the tube indicates, which tube (upper or lower) is used outside: Left corner = upper tube, Right corner = lower tube

It is built using the global grid (onto Z 104) in a 3x3 size.

My builds don't include the bottom floor - place it on an existing foundation structure (3x3 at minimum)

Be careful while testing, as it accelerates you to very high speeds and can potentially cause lag when updating chunks very quickly, besides killing you.

Otherwise have fun building many of these on the map connecting them afterwards!

  • Items count 297
  • Coordinates -34,400 / -141,600
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Pipes system UPDATE 5
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 186,638
  • Author valux
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