Worldwide Rail Network (160km)

What you get:

165km of dual-track rail laid out for right-side traffic, covering the entire map! Tracks are built on properly grounded pillars approximately 10m off the ground, with some stretches higher up, and some areas almost at ground level.

Basic intersections and signaling! There's block signals on every second pillar along the track and on all intersection entrances and exits. Path signals currently have been removed due to an intermittent glitch. This blueprint isn't meant to provide you with a finished one-fits-all solution, it is meant to take the grunt work out of laying track all over the map.

Four starter train stations! This is your map, you decide where you want to build your stations. To get you started, there's one example station in each of the 4 starting zones.


  • 2,100MW of power.
  • Tier 0 to import blueprint, Tier 6 Milestone 3 to actually USE it.

Preview video:

Change Log:

  • Reworked the roundabout intersections.
  • Replaced all path signals with block signals to fix a rare glitch.
  • Reworked all spiral ascends to make them less steep.
  • Lowered the track in several areas.
  • Reworked the stations that use spiral on/offramps.
  • Items count 17,136
  • Coordinates 56,300 / 7,025
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Tracks system UPDATE 5
  • Rating
    4 / 5
  • Build version 176,027
  • Author Athrax
  • Download (1,442x)