High Output Steelworks: 33 Heavy Modular Frame and Others

Outputs Concurently (parts per minute):

  • 33.8 Heavy Modular Frame
  • 79 Encased Industrial Beam
  • 275 Steel Pipe
  • 155 Steel Beam
  • 828 Iron Plates

Inputs (parts per minute):

  • 3375 Iron Ore
  • 1050 Crude Oil
  • 1210 Concrete

The design is base purely on utility. Each of the 3 building has clearly labeled inputs and outputs. The top two buildings produce pipes, beams, and EIB for the third building which makes the heavy frames. There is overflow at each step which you may use for other needs. I would recommend placing this factory somewhere with easy access to the required amount of iron ore and crude oil. No glass or unnecessary decorations were used in order to avoid lag.

If you find anything wrong, let me know on Discord: Chair (#2797)

  • Items count 11,840
  • Coordinates -284,000 / 39,250
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Complete factory UPDATE 5
  • Rating
    2 / 5
  • Build version 174,824
  • Author NoLagBuild
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