Basic Part Assembler Towers

Simple modular support factories with a minimalistic footprint that produce basic parts in volume. Ideal for making a neat industrial park or placed on the roof of a larger factory. Design allows for copy/paste of entire floors if needed.

West tower:

  • Cable constructors x 26 (780 cable p/m output)
  • Fused Wire assemblers x 27 (870 wire p/m after cable production, just turn one off on the top floor to make 780 p/m output)
  • inputs copper and caterium ingots

South tower:

  • Cable constructors x 24 (720 cable p/m)
  • Fused Wire assemblers x 16
  • Fused Quickwire assemblers x 12 (1080 quickwire p/m, across 2 outputs)
  • inputs copper and caterium ingots

East tower:

  • Quartz Crystal constructors x 18 (405 crystal p/m output)
  • Cheap Silica assemblers x 30 (787.5 silica p/m, but 780 p/m output)
  • inputs limestone and raw quartz x 2 (middle input must be raw quartz to feed crystal constructors)

Above configuration is to support my Battery Fabrication blueprint, but layout can be used for any assembled part.

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