540 Rubber/min from 180 oil and 600 water (13x7 footprint) 1100MW

A blueprint for processing 180/min oil into 540/min rubber (3:1).

It uses a few alt recipes: HOR, recycled rubber and plastic, and diluted fuel in blenders.

All in 1100 MW or 2MW/unit.

To set up:

  1. [Yellow marker]: Hook up power on the double wall plug outside of the Residual Rubber refineries on the 1st floor
  2. [Red marker]: Attach a vertical belt from residual rubber (1st floor) to the 2nd floor (next to the wall plug on the outside - see 3rd pic)
  3. [Black marker]: Attach 180 oil
  4. [Blue Marker]: Attach 600 water
  5. [Green marker]: the output is on the second floor

The blueprint has a 13x7 footprint, so it can be spawned on a foundation in the middle.

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