Industrial Evolution (Mk Plus)

Industrial Evolution (Mk Plus)

Multiplayer compatible EA and XP compatible

Industrial Evolution a.k.a. Mk Plus, is a re-imagined take on the Mk++ and Minimal Factory mods with a more balanced approach, less nonsense and giving the player more freedom of choice.

To use it a new research tree will be available in MAM, unlocking each node will reward recipes for building faster machines with linear overclocking capability (which you can disable). Yes, now you can run them at full speed without worrying about exponential power consumption.

ATTENTION: This mod is in beta stage and is still subject to change based on feedback. Always read the changelog!

If you find bugs or have ideas to improve the mod, your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM me through Discord (AcidXDrop#8100) or ping me on Satisfactory Modding server.