Factory Props

Factory Props

Your One-Stop-Shop for all of your decorating needs

This mod allows full freedom when decorating your factories. With everything from parts to plants Factory Props is extremely versatile allowing you to do everything from making your factory look more lively to letting you build your own biomes if you wanted to!

All of this content is unlocked in the HUB at Tier 1 in three milestones; Factory Props, Factory Foliage, and Factory Decor. They are where you can find all of the buildables added with this mod. Categories:

Factory Props: All of the parts and resources in the game as placeable objects.

Factory Foliage: Most of the Plants, Rocks, and Coral you can find in the game.

Factory Decor: An assortment of other useful objects.

In total, there are over 600+ new buildables added with this mod! It's even better when paired with the Micro Manage mod to allow you to place objects in any orientation you like and manipulate them more than you can with just Factory Props.

The mod is now Fully Released as of June 3rd, 2022 and will not be receiving any major updates anymore but it will still get regular bug fixes and maintenance. If you want to track bug fixes or see if I'm working on something for the mod you can visit the mod's Trello board. (https://trello.com/b/uY3LaJ8t/factory-prop-mod) I hope you enjoy this mod! If you encounter a bug while using the mod please open an issue ticket on the GitHub page or ping me on the Satisfactory Modding Discord @SpaceGameDev568 (Factory Props)

As the game is updated and new items are added this mod will be updated as well.


Game and Vanilla Assets by Coffee Stain Studios

Mod Logo by Deantendo#4265

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